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The World of RISCO

Security Officers

RISCO Group offers a customized Security Management Solution for high-level security officers from all market segments. The Security Management Solution includes all the essential security and safety systems that organizations require to maintain the highest levels of security and protection.

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RISCO Group offers a wide variety of products designed for the homeowner and residential market, including security systems, detectors and accessories.

Installers & Integrators

Professional Installers and System Integrators from across the globe choose RISCO Group’s diverse, high quality and aesthetically designed range of security systems, detectors  and accessories for their residential and commercial installations.

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Monitoring Stations

The Central Monitoring Station (CMS) plays a key role in managing the security of both residential and commercial environments. RISCO Group’s wide range of high-end, reliable, intrusion detection systems utilize cutting-edge detection technologies which help to lower the incidence of false alarms and the associated wasted resources to the CMS.

iRISCO Update

The latest version of iRISCO is now available to download for Apple & Android, with key changes to improve event handling & optimise user experience.

New Products

We're delighted to introduce a series of new products to the UK this Summer.

Latest News

LATEST: VUPoint: The Live Video Verification Revolution


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