With the Installer in Mind

RISCO Group offers a comprehensive suite of security solutions allowing you to design the right solution for any type and size of installation and provide a winning offer to your customers. We deliver a vast product line that includes wired, wireless, and hybrid security systems along with award-winning detectors and accessories that are flexible and easy to install for a winning solution.

Boost Your Business With RISCO Stars

RISCO Stars is a tiered loyalty program that rewards you for purchasing RISCO products with a variety of marketing tools designed to boost your business and attract more customers. For every product scanned or training course completed, you accumulate Stars that can then be redeemed for useful marketing tools.

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Security Solutions for All Types & Sizes Our cutting edge security systems with wired, wireless, and hybrid, designed for any application up to 512 zones can be tailored to suit the security needs of the commercial, industrial, and residential sectors, ensuring that you can deliver a winning offer to your customers – anywhere, anytime.


Agility™3 is an award winning 2-way wireless security system with a wide range of wireless accessories that is ideal for the residential and SMB markets, supporting crystal clear visual verification for complete peace of mind

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is a professional hybrid security system designed for the SMB market, includes full flexibility choice of communication options and unlimited combination of wired, wireless, and RISCO Bus installations.

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is a revolutionary super hybrid G3 system designed for the commercial sector that supports wired, wireless and RISCO Bus installations up to 512 zones, along with a unique licensing mechanism for full flexibility.

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VUpoint with P2P

RISCO Group’s live video verification solution that quickly and seamlessly integrates cutting-edge P2P IP cameras within all of its professional security systems and Smart Home, providing superior video verification and live streaming video on demand for residential / commercial users and monitoring stations – for unparalleled security and efficiency, and on-the-go control.

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Professional Detectors For All Your Applications

RISCO Group presents our wide range of professional Grade 3 and Grade 2 indoor detectors which exceed industry standards. Our Grade3 range, which is designed for the commercial and industrial markets, utilizes RISCO Group’s unique detection technologies, offering increased reliability and false alarm immunity in even the most challenging environments and unceasingly providing the superior quality synonymous with the RISCO brand.

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A Wide Array of Wireless Accessories

RISCO's wide array of sleek wireless accessories offer quick and easy installation. Our full range of accessories for security, safety and perimeter protection are based on unique technologies that offer ultimate reliability, for both indoor and outdoor use.

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HandyApp, Your Perfect Pocket Assistant

RISCO Group's HandyApp includes a practical set of tools to assist you while installing RISCO Group's intrusion systems. With HandyApp, you can extend product warranties, gain direct access to installation manuals, increase your efficiency, reduce your installation times, and scan for Stars to be redeemed for business rewards!

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Upgrade Your Skills at RISCO University

Let your learning experience begin at RISCO University! Upgrade your skills conveniently – anytime, anywhere. . The RISCO University was established with the intention of providing RISCO professionals with a one-stop shop to acquire the necessary professional skills to stay ahead of the curve.

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