iWISE® Bus DT and QUAD

The iWISE® Bus models are designed for installation as addressable detectors on the RISCO Bus for saving time and money. Each iWISE® Bus detector includes an additional zone input for convenient connection of a contact or any relay detector, saving on wiring back to the panel.

iWise DT-DT Pet-Quad-Bus PIR detector



  • iWISE® Bus dramatically reduces cabling, installation equipment and labor costs, while providing benefits of remote services
  • Extra relay detectors can be assigned to any zone number in the panel and terminated as NC, NO, EOL, DEOL, etc.
  • Same performance as comparable iWISE® DT and iWISE® QUAD Grade 3 & Grade 2 models
  • Model names:
  • RK815DTBG3 iWISE Bus DT AM Grade 3, 15m (50’)
  • RK825DTBG3 iWISE Bus DT AM Grade 3, 25m (82’)
  • RK800Q0B iWISE Bus QUAD AM, Grade 3
  • RK800Q0B2 iWISE Bus QUAD Grade 2
  • RK815DTB2 iWISE Bus DT Grade 2, 15m (50’)
  • RK825DTB2 iWISE Bus DT Grade 2, 25m (82’)
  • Lenses
  • iWISE DT AM G3
  • RL115CV 12m (40’) Curtain
  • RL15V 15m (50’) Corridor
  • RL17V 23m (75’) Corridor
  • iWISE DT G2
  • RL115C 12m (40’) Curtain
  • RL15 15m (50’) Corridor
  • RL17 23m (75’) Corridor

Technical Specifications

  • For DT models:
  • PD6662, EN50131: Grade 3
  • RISCO Bus: Special iWISE® Bus models
  • Microwave: X-band
  • PIR Sensor: Dual element
  • Anti-Cloak Technology
  • Green Line
  • Intelligent Digital Signal Processing
  • Digital detector and true temperature compensation
  • Built-in EOL resistors
  • Coverage and lenses supplied: Wide angle 15m, 25m (50’, 83’)
  • Optional Lenses: Corridor lens: 15m (50’) or 23m (75’) Curtain lens: 12m (40’)
  • Mounting Height: 2.1m-2.7m (7-9’)
  • Optional Accessories: Wall swivel with back tamper, wall/ corner swivel, ceiling swivel