Security Systems


EL, RISCO Group's unique product line, has a professional security system for a range of residential lifestyles and needs. At EL, top quality is our passion, making our systems a popular choice amongst professional installers and homeowners worldwide. With cutting edge technology and flexible installation options, EL systems are a winner from every angle.

EL makes installation simple with a fully wireless, Wi-Fi enabled system and a one-button automatic configuration of all accessories. EL's cloud-based security systems also enable remote configuration and diagnostics, allowing installers to remotely check and adjust a customer's security system from any location, saving valuable time and money.

EL systems are field proven and reliable with flexible communication options that include GSM 3G, GPRS and Wi-Fi. For full security and safety, a complete range of accessories are available, including detectors for flood, gas, smoke, and elderly care. With 32 zones available, the wireless accessories can be conveniently connected as needed.

EL offerings also include a smartphone app that allows homeowners to enjoy remote control and monitoring of their system.

iConnect 2-Way

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The Commpact intrusion system is named for its streamlined, space-saving design, while offering a professional, highly reliable system at a competitive price.Read more