The WatchIN™ Industrial Grade 3 Detector provides superior catch performance and immunity to false alarms, especially in extremely harsh environments such as production areas containing operating machinery, construction sites, shipyards and hangars.

WatchIN™ includes RISCO Group’s most advanced detection technologies including Anti-Cloak™ Technology, Sway Recognition Technology, Active Infrared for Anti-mask, GreenLine Technology and RISCO Bus Technology. WatchIN is designed to meet PD6662, EN 50131-1 and EN50131-2-4 Grade 3, Environmental Class III.

WatchIN™ can be installed on the RISCO Bus, dramatically reducing cabling, installation equipment and labor costs, while providing the benefits of remote services.


Ordering Information

WatchIN DT+Swivel (Order Code: RK325DT)

WatchIN PIR detector front view


North America
United States


  • 2 MW and 2 PIR channels
  • Coverage 25m (82’) wide-angle
  • Anti-Cloak Technology for catching cloaked burglars or in a heat wave
  • Sway Recognition Technology for eliminating false alarms from operating machinery and other objects that move repetitively but don’t travel
  • RISCO Bus dramatically reduces cabling, installation equipment and labor costs, while providing benefits of remote services
  • Rubber seal provides IP65 environment rating:
  • Allows installation in high humidity areas such ocean swept open hangars
  • Eliminates ingress of dust particles common in industrial sites
  • Protective Optical Shields eliminates false alarms from headlights or sun rays reflected from metal objects in production or warehouse areas
  • Active IR for anti-mask
  • Microwave Anti-collision allows back-to-back or face-to-face installations
  • Built-in Triple EOL resistors, jumper selectable
  • Opto relays for defeating large magnets
  • Wide range of professional swivels
  • Model names:
  • RK325DT
  • RK325: WatchIN™ Grade 3 DT Am c/w standard swivel and barrier replacement lens
  • RA300B: Barrier Swivel
  • RA300P: Pole Adapter
  • RA300C: Conduit Adapter
  • RA300SC: Swivel Metal Conduit