Wired Twin Beams

The wired twin beams are designed for a wide variety of residential and commercial outdoor applications, providing reliable and cost-effective perimeter protection of buildings, fences, warehouses, factories, parking lots and gardens.


Ordering Information

RBM7115 - Twin Beam 71 15m (50ft)
RBM7225 - Twin Beam 72 25m (82ft)
RBM7250 - Twin Beam 72 50m (164ft)
RBM7275 - Twin Beam 72 75m (246ft)
RBM72P - IR Beam 72 Pole Brack.(10 pairs)

IR Beams 72


  • Outdoor range: up to 75m (250ft)
  • Twin beams prevent false alarms from flying birds, falling leaves, etc.
  • Quick and easy installation with simple beam alignment
  • Concealed 180° rotary optical system allows side aiming
  • Rugged waterproof housing
  • Adjustable beam interruption perio
  • 4 selectable beam frequencies prevent crosstalk between multiple units in long distance or beam stacking applications (Beam 72 only)

Technical Specifications

  • Outdoor range: From 15m (50ft) to 75m (250ft), depending on model number
  • Indoor range: From 30m (100ft) to 150m (500ft), depending on model number
  • Detection method: Simultaneous interruption of 2 pulsed infrared beams
  • Selectable beam channels: 4 channels
  • Beam interruption response time: Adjustable between 50 to 500msec
  • Optical axis alignment: 180° Horizontal, 10° Vertical
  • Ingress protection: IP44
  • Cover tamper: N.C. Tamper Output on Receiver Unit
  • Operating temperature: -20°C to 55°C (-4°F to 131°F)
  • Power input: 10-28 VDC