Elegant Keypad Flush Mount

The Elegant Keypad Flush Mount is a sleek, flat frame that is complementary to the touch screen Elegant Keypad series. The Elegant Keypad Flush Mount Kit is easy to install and provides an unobtrusive design with its subtle interior mounting structure. The smooth exterior is available in classic colors: black, white, and gray.
The new Flush Mount is designed to support the Elegant Keypad's back tamper for top security standards. If the Keypad is forcibly removed from the Flush Mount, a tamper alarm will be immediately triggered.
Unobtrusive and easy to fit, the Elegant Flush Mount is the perfect choice for your sophisticated security system installation.



  • Quick and easy installation
  • Kit includes: Plastic mounting bracket, mounting template, locking clips/screws, and colored flush covers.
  • Flush covers available in colors: black, white or gray
  • Supports effective back tamper to meet highest security standard