axesplus® is a scalable and customizable cloud-based access control system. Designed for
multi-site environments and with no limit on number of doors, axesplus® offers a centrally managed, smart and intuitive system that enables users to utilize the same access card for entrance to both single and multiple sites regardless of building size or site location.
The onsite deployment is simplified due to the centralized system powered via the web by RSP platform which eliminates the need for onsite servers and onsite security personnel. Utilizing this cloud-based approach also reduces future expenditure associated with software installations at new locations, system administration and IT services while providing the highest levels of security.


axesplus Solution

Smart Card Reader

RISCO Group’s Smart Card Reader/Writer employs advanced RFID technology in a rugged and stylish enclosure.

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axesplus® Architecture

The unique design of axesplus® supports different site architecture configurations as well as multi-site requirements. The robust and flexible distributed architecture can easily meet any site.

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iREX and iREX Plus are intelligent PIR detectors specifically designed for a wide variety of request-to-exit applications.

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The AxesWorkstation is a “smart client” application used to configure and manage axesplus® utilizing an event analysis application for querying, investigating and defining access control rules.

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axesplus® kits

The axesplus® kit provides all of the required components for an access control solution for two or four doors as well as a controller only kit.

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axesplus® hardware

axesplus® provides a complete hardware/firmware access control system, communicating via industry standard TCP/IP protocol, over 10/100 Mbps ethernet, or the internet.

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AxesMain is the main CPU board /gateway controller designed to manage the access control system.

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AxesIO1 is an axesplus® IO board that can support a single door (1 reader, 4 analog inputs and 2 relays per door.

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AxesEmployee is a web based application used to manage visitors and configure system automation. It is available to all authorized personnel via a web browser.

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AxesIO2 is an axesplus® IO Board that can control 2 doors (2 readers, 4 analog inputs and 4 relays per door) or 8 floor input/ output board for lift controller. Axes IO2 can also be utilized for I/O.

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  • Efficient and flexible design supporting different site architectures and multi-site requirements
  • Utilizes cloud-based Services Platform (RSP™) saving the customer the associated IT costs
  • Preconfigured user interfaces allowing differentiated operation and monitoring rights
  • Customizable access rules according to doors or users
  • Powerful and easy-to-use query tools for event/alarm identification
  • Connectivity to building automation systems
  • Advanced reporting and tracking tools with complete audit trails
  • Flexible scheduling including recurring schedules (daily, weekly, monthly and yearly) with expiration dates
  • Comprehensive API toolkit enabling smooth integration with 3rd party systems